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Women and Retirement

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Last week on “Your Financial Editor”, I covered some of the pitfalls women face with their retirement planning.  It’s apparent that menand women have some very similar circumstances, both “pre” and “post” retirement date.  However, some of the issues that women face, if not taken into consideration and planned for properly, could wreak havoc on their golden years.

The Urban Institute is a think tank organization in Washington D.C. and I recently read their latest report about retirement issues for Baby Boomers and found it to be very interesting and informative.  The issue talked about:

  • Boomer women have worked more than ever before, boosting family incomes and retirement wealth.
  • The shift from pensions paying regular retirement income for life to 401(k) plans subject to market volatility adds uncertainty to Boomer’s retirement income.
  • 30 t0 40 percent of the youngest Boomers will replace 75 percent of earnings received in their early fifties, making it difficult to maintain pre-retirement living standards.

I hope you find time to peruse the report.  I continually find it amazing to see how much health, wealth and family are intertwined with our clients’ retirement planning and wealth planning.

The Starving Artist

Friday, February 3rd, 2012
The announcement this week that Facebook is going to become a publicly traded company has brought to light some interesting stories. You have the normal “spotlight”attention on the owner, which in this case is a 27 year-old named Mark Zuckerberg who will be worth $28 billion, give or take. Sure that will make him one of the richest people in the United States, heck the world for that matter.

But what about David Choe? Have you ever heard that name? He’s a graffiti artist. A guy who has had run-ins with the law and other rough spots during his life. So how did this particular artist accomplish all of his financial planning,”investment planning, wealth planning, legacy planning and philanthropy in one fell swope? Dumb luck, tha’s how. In 2005 Mr. Choe  was asked by the President of Facebook to paint murals on the walls of the company’s offices. Choe was given a choice 1. Take thousands of dollars in cash or 2. Take some stock of the privately held company. Well, he took the stock (even though he thought what the company did was “ridiculous and pointless”).

David Choe working on one of his murals

So, when Facebook goes public this spring, David Choe’s stock is estimated to be worth $200,000,000. That’s right, two-hundred-million-dollars!

Gaffiti painting….might not be such an eye-sore after all.

Tune out the media hype and catch the launch of my new radio segment, “Your Personal Economy”, this week on Your Financial Editor!

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Today’s economic troubles and financial volatility are taking a toll on retiree’s across the nation.  Triple digit point swings in the market, sometimes on a daily basis, have created a new level of anxiety and stress for those who depend on the wealth they’ve created to see them through a successful and fulfilling retirement.  By tuning out the media hype and financial “noise”, investors can focus on what really matters – what I refer to as “Your Personal Economy”.  Structuring a wealth management strategy that is not only based on sophisticated models, but also one that is actively managed, provides you with opportunities and peace of mind that others can’t achieve because they find themselves caught up in the mainstream.

The inaugural “Your Personal Economy” segment will be about Retiring with Confidence.  I’ll be discussing some basic questions surrounding a successful retirement plan.  I’ll also analyze and review a report from the Federal Reserve regarding headwinds for Baby Boomers’ retirement.

As usual, I’ll breakdown the top stories of the week from  the world of business and finance.

Join me for the premier this Saturday, October 1st at 8am on AM 930 WFMD!