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Understanding China’s economy. This week on Your Financial Editor.

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Has China’s growing economy lost momentum? As a country with the world’s second-largest economy, any change in this growth would not only impact China but the entire global economic system. Join me this Saturday as I talk with Dr. Mark DeWeaver about his book, Animal Instincts with Chinese Characteristics.

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About this week’s guest:

Mark A. DeWeaver


Mark A. DeWeaver, PhD, manages Quantrarian Asia Hedge, an emerging markets fund he cofounded in 1999. He lived and worked in China from 1985-1994, first as a student at Sun Yatsen University in Guangzhou, later as a research analyst for Peregrine Brokerage (now part of BNP Paribas). He has written for Project Syndicate, Asia Times Online, the Asia Sentinel, and Iraq Business News.


The biggest economic story of our times is NOT the Great Depression?! This week on Your Financial Editor.

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Tune in this week and find out how a change in core ideas and beliefs might really be the way to fuel an economic boom.  My guest this week is Deirdre McCloskey, author of Bourgeois Dignity.
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About this week’s guest:
Deirdre McCloskey teaches economics, history, English, and communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago. A well-known economist and historian and rhetorician, she has written sixteen books and around 400 scholarly pieces on topics ranging from technical economics and statistics to transgender advocacy and the ethics of the bourgeois virtues. Her latest book, Bourgeois Dignity: Why Economics Can’t Explain the Modern World(University of Chicago Press, 2010), is the second in a series of four on The Bourgeois Era. With Stephen Ziliak she wrote in 2008, The Cult of Statistical Significance (2008), which criticizes the proliferation of tests of “significance.”


Friday, January 6th, 2012

Happy New Year! I hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year’s holiday! On a personal note, my hope and prayer for you is that your year will be filled with good health, increasing wealth and a strong family!

As far as the economy and financial markets go, 2012 won’t start off much different than where they ended. Unfortunately we still have the following issues right in front of our faces going into this new year:

1.  America has a huge pile of debt, some $15 trillion and the number grows higher.

2.  The Europeans seem to be frozen by indecision as their problems worsen.

3.  China’s actual economic stability and growth rate remain suspect.

4.  The Super Committee was a huge failure, and our prospects for reigning in government spending are dim.

5.  Unemployment continues to be extremely, and I might add, unacceptably too high

6.  The political battles are being planned for this election year…with the real losers (or should i say casualties) being the hard working silent majority in this great country.

Taking all of this into consideration you have a decision before you, a choice to be made.  You can either act or re-act when it comes to your personal situation.

On a different note, many of us have made New Year resolutions to improve our health this year. I thought you may enjoy the following article from the Wall Street Journal entitled “The 27 Rules for Conquering the Gym.”

China is hot – is it facing a glorious future or a colossal collapse? This week on Your Financial Editor.

Friday, October 14th, 2011

This week, my guest, Gordon Chang, takes us on a vividly observed voyage behind the scenes of China’s so-called economic miracle, where it turns out that institutions are shaky, relationships corrupt, and success precarious.  Chinese society is seething with unrest, and the ruling party is split. Chang has lived and done business in China for years.  He is not afraid of making bold judgments.  When he warns that China’s two centuries of troubles are still not over, we had better take notice.

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About this week’s guest:

Gordon G. Chang is the author of Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World, released by Random House in January 2006.  Showdown focuses on nuclear proliferation in general and the North Korean crisis in particular.  His first book is The Coming Collapse of China (Random House, August 2001). He is a columnist at and The Daily.
He lived and worked in China and Hong Kong for almost two decades, most recently in Shanghai, as Counsel to the American law firm Paul Weiss and earlier in Hong Kong as Partner in the international law firm Baker & McKenzie. 

His writings on China and North Korea have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Far Eastern Economic Review, the International Herald Tribune, Commentary, The Weekly Standard, National Review, and Barron’s.  

He has spoken at Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, Yale, and other universities and at The Brookings Institution, The Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, RAND, the American Enterprise Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, and other institutions.  He has given briefings at the National Intelligence Council, the Central Intelligence Agency, the State Department, and the Pentagon.  He has also spoken before industry and investor groups including Bloomberg, Sanford Bernstein, and Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia.  Chang has appeared before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.   
He has appeared on CNN, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, CNBC, MSNBC, PBS, the BBC, and Bloomberg Television. He has appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  

Outside the United States he has spoken in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, The Hague, London, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.

He has served two terms as a trustee of Cornell University.

Tune out the media hype and catch the launch of my new radio segment, “Your Personal Economy”, this week on Your Financial Editor!

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Today’s economic troubles and financial volatility are taking a toll on retiree’s across the nation.  Triple digit point swings in the market, sometimes on a daily basis, have created a new level of anxiety and stress for those who depend on the wealth they’ve created to see them through a successful and fulfilling retirement.  By tuning out the media hype and financial “noise”, investors can focus on what really matters – what I refer to as “Your Personal Economy”.  Structuring a wealth management strategy that is not only based on sophisticated models, but also one that is actively managed, provides you with opportunities and peace of mind that others can’t achieve because they find themselves caught up in the mainstream.

The inaugural “Your Personal Economy” segment will be about Retiring with Confidence.  I’ll be discussing some basic questions surrounding a successful retirement plan.  I’ll also analyze and review a report from the Federal Reserve regarding headwinds for Baby Boomers’ retirement.

As usual, I’ll breakdown the top stories of the week from  the world of business and finance.

Join me for the premier this Saturday, October 1st at 8am on AM 930 WFMD!


Friday, May 13th, 2011

President Harry Truman said “There is nothing new in the world except the history y0u do not know“.  Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Leninism…you get the picture.  All of these society structures are failed. 

It’s not worth debating.  These forms of government were tried and they didn’t work, close that book.  But now, some radical leftists and elitists are trying to say that the financial crisis proves that capitalism is wrong, and that we should take America down one of those old, failed concepts.

I say American capitalism (just like the U.S. legal system), is far from perfect, but it’s the best in the world.  If our politicians can ever paste enough popsicle sticks to give them a backbone, then capitalism, along with great leadership, will take this country and its citizens where we want and need to go…the top!

See this article about business confidence.

Tiny country – BIG in history, culture and economy! This week on Your Financial Editor.

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Be sure to join me this week  – my guest will be the ambassador of a very interesting country tucked away in Western Europe.  Rich in both history and culture, Liechtenstein has evolved from being a poor agricultural society to being one the most highly industrialized countries in the world!  Find out their role in today’s global economy.

Join us this Saturday morning at 8am on AM 930 WFMD, or listen from your pc by logging onto WFMD’s website and click the listen live button.

About this week’s guest:

Claudia Fritsche
Ambassador of the Principality of Liechtenstein
to the United States of America

 Ambassador Claudia Fritsche assumed her duties as the first resident Ambassador of Liechtenstein in Washington at the beginning of October 2002, after leaving her post in New York, where she had served as the Permanent Representative of the Principality of Liechtenstein to the United Nations from 1990 to 2002. Ambassador Fritsche served as Vice-President and Member of the General Committee of the United Nations General Assembly during its 48th Session. From June 1999 to September 2002 she served as President of the International Association of Permanent Representatives to the United Nations. Ambassador Fritsche headed the Liechtenstein delegation at major UN conferences.

She joined the Office for Foreign Affairs of the Principality of Liechtenstein on 1 June 1978 and served in a variety of diplomatic functions, inter alia as Secretary to the Liechtenstein parliamentary delegations to the Council of Europe and to the European Free Trade Association, as well as within the Liechtenstein Embassies in Berne and Vienna and the Permanent Representation to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Mrs. Fritsche represented the Liechtenstein Government on the European Committee on Equality between Women and Men (CEEG) from April 1987 until August 1990, while also chairing the Liechtenstein National Committee on Equality between Women and Men.

Mrs. Fritsche was the personal secretary to the Liechtenstein Head of Government from 1970 to 1974 and to the Deputy Head of Government from March to August 1974.

The Chinese Dynasty? Not Exactly…

Friday, February 18th, 2011

I saw an article this week in USA Today.  It was based on a recent Gallup poll asking the following question:  Who is the world’s leading economic power, America or China?  The poll was conducted earlier this month.  The findings:  52% of Americans said that China was the leading economy and 32% said the United States was.  WHAT?!  Are you serious?  Come on people, this question is a first rounder on “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”

 If you do your homework, you’ll see that the U.S. is definitely still the lead dog in the global economy.  Last year our GDP (the total of all goods and services we produce) totalled $14.6 trillion versus China’s $5.75 trillion.

 Will China catch and eventually pass the U.S.’s GDP number?  Sure, they will.  This will probably take place between 2020 & 2027.  Just this week, China passed Japan to become the world’s second largest economy in the world.  However, what the media (financial journalists in particular), aren’t bringing up is the fact that China’s GDP per-capita, which is the only true measure of a nation’s prosperity will still only be a quarter to a third of the United States.

 Of course, the major problem for China is its fake capitalist regime.  The rulers are repressive and cruel.  The economy isn’t free and neither are the citizens.  I believe eventually India will surpass China and emerge as the true number two in the world.  My judgement is based on its freedom, democracy, and rule of law.  India is much farther along than China in these matters.

 That brings me to a question for all Americans.  What made America great?

Do you realize that no other country in the history of the world has operated off of one document?  The document, of course, is the Constitution.  No other country can come close.  Now, why has it worked so well?  The answers lie in the moral fabric of our founding fathers.  The link between the Constitution and the Bible has proved to be the most solid foundation that a country and/or government has been built on.

 Our current problem (for the last 30 years, really), is the lack of truth when it comes to our nation’s history and our founding fathers.  There are many, in the media and behind the scenes, who are determined to bring a wrecking ball to our great country’s foundation.

 This will be our undoing if we allow it to happen.  We must teach our children and grandchildren the truth.

The economy – a look back at 2010 and looking forward for 2011 – this week on Your Financial Editor.

Friday, February 11th, 2011

How did the economy shape up for 2010?  What can we expect for 2011? This is Chris Murray, Host of Your Financial Editor – join me this week and I’ll be talking to Ted Theodore, Chairman and CIO of Avatar Associates in New York. 

Join us this this Saturday morning at 8am on AM 930 WFMD, or listen from anywhere on your pc by logging onto and clicking the listen live button.

Ted Theodore, CFA,Chairman and Chief Investment Officer
Ted leads Avatar’s investment process and quantitative research team, and manages the firm’s asset allocation models. Ted has 45 years of experience as both an investment strategist and portfolio manager. Prior to joining the firm in 1989, Ted served as Strategist/Portfolio Manager at Morgan Stanley Asset Management, and as Director of Equity Strategy at Citibank.  Mr. Theodore earned his M.B.A. in Finance and B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan. A Chartered Financial Analyst, Mr. Theodore is a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts and the CFA Institute.

Bernanke Part Deux

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Last week when I wrote about Chairman Bernanke addressing our luncheon at the National Press Club, I thought for a moment that I may have been too hard on him.  It’s true that towards the end of my post, I busted his chops about commenting on the stock market indices and making comparisons about the Fed’s actions and the stock markets response.  That is just very bad karma, no matter how you slice it.  I also dogged his security detail or lack thereof.  By the way, I did send an email to the Federal Reserve about the lax security at the  luncheon, but have not received any type of response yet.  What’s your guess?  1.) They don’t care or 2.) They’re too embarrassed to write back?

Anyway, my post was nothing compared to the posting I came across this week on the American Family Association’s website.  The blog is called Rightly Concerned, and the post rips into Mr. Bernanke like no-body’s business.  The title gives a good indication…”Is Ben Bernanke a Liar, a Lunatic, or is He Just Completely and Totally Incompetent”?.