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Banker’s thriller unmasks real risks to financial markets, this week on Your Financial Editor

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

My guest this week drew on his extensive experience in global markets and advising governments, companies and financial institutions around the world to write a fascinating fictional story of the very real risks our financial markets still face!

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About this week’s guest:

H.T. Narea is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and has focused his career on global emerging markets, advising governments, companies and financial institutions around the world on debt restructuring, infrastructure projects, M & A, private equity, debt trading and syndicated finance.

U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade NOT the Reason for Market Volatility

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

The recent market turmoil has unsettled investors around the world. Many people say the credit rating downgrade of the USA by Standard & Poor’s is the reason for this volatility.

I disagree.

The stock market has been rising for the last couple of years without the economic health to support the gains. High unemployment levels, a softening manufacturing and service sector, continued housing problems and a lack of leadership out of Washington have, and continue, to weigh on financial markets here, and around the world.

The financial media’s “noise” has once again reached a deafening level. They have ratcheted-up the level of hype and anxiety to the point that many investors are letting their emotions take over and selling their investments. Murray Financial Group knows that the best defense against emotional reactions in the stock market is diversification and owning quality companies. Our strategies do both of these, among many other prudent philosophies.

So, turn off your TV. Don’t buy into that headline above the fold. Question the radio personality’s motives. Instead, ask yourself these types of common sense questions:

Will Exxon stop drilling for oil?
Will IBM stop providing computer services?
Will Coca-Cola stop making soft drinks?
Will Marriott close all of its hotels?
Will MGM quit making movies?

You get my drift?  By investing in quality companies, diversifying and maintaining a disciplined strategy, you greatly enhance your opportunities. This, and more, is what Murray Financial Group is focused on every day.